Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a place that children feel they are accepted for their individuality, which in turn, allows them to feel they BELONG to our Impact Crèche community. A place full of fun and laughter, where they BELIEVE that anything is possible. A positive environment that nurtures their sense of adventure, to BECOME who they are truly meant to be.

Our Team

By regulatory requirements, all Staff on the Impact Creche team are approved through a ‘Working With Children Check’ & possess Senior First Aid qualifications. 

They are all experienced in the industry and have gained varying qualifications which may include

  • Associate Diploma of Child Studies (Through TAFE and various colleges) 
  • Child Care Certificate II and III

Creche Sessions

To ensure all our Members get a chance to use our Creche, we will be  running Session times Monday to Saturday. 

Each session is strictly 90 minutes. Please don’t arrive earlier than your session time as there may be no Staff available.

Bookings are available within the Creche on clipboards OR by phoning Impact on 43676767 and following the prompts. 

Monday – Friday (Morning)               

  • 9:00 – 10:30
  • 10:15 – 11:45 am

Monday & Wednesday (Afternoon)     

  •  5:15 – 6:45 pm  

Saturday (2 sessions)                                                  

  • 7:15 – 8:45 &  8:15 – 9:45 (90 minutes rule applies)
  • 9:15 – 10:45 am

Age Groups

Our facility caters for children and babies ranging from 6 weeks to 10 year olds . We have two (2) rooms specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of each age group.

What to bring

We have Morning OR Afternoon depending on your session time. We ask that you clearly label all of your Child’s belongings to avoid loss.

Baby & toddler

  • nappies
  • wipes
  • pacifier/dummy
  • Healthy snack eg fruit, biscuit
  • bottle/water
  • change of clothes      


  • healthy snacks eg. fruit, biscuit
  • bottle/water
  • change of clothes especially if your Child is toilet training 

Our Creche is full of toys and games for your Child to play with so we ask that you leave any toys at home with the exception of security or comfort items

Bookings & Cancellations

Bookings are available within the Creche on clipboards OR by phoning Impact on 43676767 and following the prompts. Bookings may be cancelled up to 1 hour prior to your session by calling Impact Gym on 43676767. Choose the Creche Extension and follow the prompts. If you do not attend the session and don’t cancel your booking, you may be charged a $2.50 no show fee.

Waiting List

If you have left a booking through our answering machine and you don’t hear from one of our friendly Team, consider your booking confirmed.  If the session is full, you will be contacted and an alternate session will be booked OR you can go on our waiting list and we will advise you if we get a cancellation.


We look forward to getting to know more about you and your family. To assist us, we ask that you complete an Enrolment Form prior to your Child’s first visit.It is important that throughout your membership, you keep this updated in case we need to use this information.Enrolment forms are available at Reception and are kept in the Creche. Any information remains confidential and protected.

Payment & Fees

  • $5.00 per session per Child
  • $2.50 every additional Child
  • $10.00 capped for a Family of three (3) or more

For your convenience, we have a $50:00 prepaid card available for purchase. These cards will be left at the Creche and stamped by Creche Staff after each visit.  

Casual visits are available for purchase. Please present your receipt to Staff on arrival (prices as above)

All monies are to be processed via Reception

Behaviour Guidance

All staff will speak in a respectful and positive manner to the children and refrain from using negative labelling. Should a child need behavioural management, we will endeavour to encourage the child through positive role modelling and clear guidelines as well as using the timeout method if the behaviour continues. Please note: If a child becomes disruptive or needs extra staff discipline, the parent/carer will be notified and be asked to calm their child. 


At Impact Creche, we love to hear from our families. Let us know how our Staff helped in making your visit a relaxing one or ways we can improve our facility for your next visit. If you have feedback, please contact Impact Gym on 43676767 or via email gymreception@impactgroup.org.au